Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Case Study (1)

Taking a subject without final exam is actually either very easy peasy or super duper hard to score. As for AAR2243 for me is hard and sometime stressful.. At first i really eager to take and learn this so called Culture and Human Behaviour in Built Environment class because what i heard from seniors is that this class is the easiest class because there is no take home assignment but only in class assignment. But as for us it is all about case study and presentation. I do like doing case study but to do it every week, different topic, two case study each is very irritating. But to pass this course i have to bare with it and enjoy it and take it in positive way. And as for that, while doing our case study we killed two birds with one stone. We choose the most exciting place to do the case study..(not that exciting actually..huhu )..

As for the 3rd assignment (1st dengan 2nd xmau cerite) we went to two different restaurant which are McDonald's (macam xbiase pergi) and Cozy Place Restaurant (yg ni mmg xpenah pegi).. Cozy Place is a unique restaurant with English Cottage style for the interior deco makes people feel the sense of belonging. At first, when my friend and i entered the restaurant, we feel very awkward because we feel that the place is not meant for us but after we've been approach by the waiters we do feel great because they're all very friendly. The food also marvelous and affordable.

the interior deco

fire place

our meal
to be continued.....^_^

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